Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews

 Based in Miami, Florida, Ecosmart is a privately owned company that’s dedicated to providing eco-friendly products that use green energy technology. The company’s members have an accumulated experience of more than five decades in business accounting, construction and water heating. Despite venturing into other industries, Ecosmart’s main expertise remains to be water heater products. Approximately a quarter of a household’s energy bills stem from heating its water with traditional tank heaters. Ecosmart aims to reduce this energy consumption while protecting the environment.


Ecosmart Pros and Cons

Like most tankless heaters, Ecosmart tankless products operate on an “on-demand” principle, meaning water is only heated when you need it. Obviously, this results to less energy consumption and lower energy bills. With Ecosmart units, your energy bills can be reduced by as much as 60% since there is no stand-by loss like with conventional tank heaters.

Aside from the benefit of energy efficiency and utility savings, Ecosmart also allows you to install the unit closer to where the water will be used. The reduced travel time means you get hot water faster than with a regular tank heater.

There are now many brands that manufacture tankless heaters but there are many features and benefits that set Ecosmart apart from other manufacturers. For starters, most Ecosmart tankless units are equipped with a revolutionary Flow Sensor technology. This technology regulates temperature so you receive a consistent supply of hot water, without the common heater problem of fluctuating temperature (also known as “cold water sandwich” since you get cold bursts between hot water flows).

Ecosmart also has a built-in temperature control with a digital display so you can easily see your temperature setting. Unlike with other electric tankless models, you don’t have to constantly check and adjust your temperature. What’s more is that most Ecosmart tankless models allow you to set the temperature in increments of one degree, so you can get the precise heat you are after. Lastly, Ecosmart uses only stainless steel and copper Emerson Electric materials for its heat exhanger system.

To top it off, Ecosmart tankless units are remarkably compact so you can easily install one in spaces where a traditional tank heater would not be able to fit.

The feedback Ecosmart tankless water heaters received have been mostly favorable. Many consumers like the fact that the heater is able to stay on the same temperature that you set it at. Consumers who had some electric or plumbing knowledge was also able to install the unit themselves.

Of course, a few customers had some less-than-glowing reviews of their Ecosmart tankless heater. Some buyers reported having trouble filling a bathtub since the hot water supply fell below the promised number of gallons per minute. Instead, the aggravated customer reported a hot water supply of only a gallon per minute. Another buyer complained about unpredictable water temperatures, which ranged from hot one minute and lukewarm the next.


Most Popular Models

Model Max GPM KW Type
Model Max GPM KW Type
Ecosmart POU 3.5 Ecosmart POU 3.5 0.5 3.5 Electric
Ecosmart POU 6 Ecosmart POU 3.5 1 6 Electric
EcoSmart ECO 8 ecosmart tankless water heater reviews 2 8 Electric
EcoSmart ECO 11 best Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater 2 13.6 Electric
Ecosmart ECO 18 2.5 18 Electric
Ecosmart ECO 24 3 24 Electric
Ecosmart ECO 27 3 27 Electric
Ecosmart ECO 36 6 36 Electric